Our Team / Wie werken er mee?

Our Team / Wie werken er mee?

SPEAKERS and DISCUSSIONS 2017: (in alphabetical order)
· Joris BAECKE (Msc) -agriculture & food supply
· Sipke DIJKSTRA (Msc) -healthcare
· Harry GEERLINGS (Prof.Dr.) –framework Zwin region
· Stephanie HUGHES (Msc) -mobility & transport
· Walter de MILLIANO (Dr.) – agriculture & food supply
· John NIEUWENHUIZE (Msc) -Housing and living environment
· Piet OOSTERLING (Msc) -energy, climate & environment
· Nico OUT -Bestuur -management
· Jan VONS (Msc) -education
· Herman WIJFFELS (Prof.Dr.) -economy

· Teus BAARS (MSc), energy, climate and environment
· Luk van LANGENHOVE (Prof. Dr.), economy
· Frank LESCRAUWAET (MSc), healthcare
· André NEUFÉGLISE, energy, climate & environment
· André OLIJSLAGER (MSc), economy
· Piet OOSTERLING (MSc), energy, climate & environment
· Ricardo POPPELIERS (MSc), mobility & transport
· René SMIT (MSc), healthcare
· Karlie van de VIJVER (BSc), mobility & transport

Active taskforces 2018:
· Educational facilities for employment in the Tourism & Recreational sector (Economy and Education)
· Diversification in crop cultures to adapt to sustainable agriculture (Agriculture & Food supply)
· Development of automated cross border driving products and facilities (Mobility & Transport)

The NEW BABYLON 3 board and counselors:

Jacques le Grand · Jacques le GRAND, Chairman, background in management functions in industry and the IT/telecommunication sector. Entrepreneur

Ad Bastiaansen · Ad BASTIAANSEN, background in management of IT companies. Investor and entrepreneur.

Inge Priester · Inge PRIESTER, background in management of insurance companies, now since about 20 years working as interim manager.

Robert Schilder · Robert SCHILDER, background in advertising photography, initiator of art projects.

Betsij Thijen · Betsij THIJEN, administration and secretarial services.

· Marc VERHAEGHE, background in public management, now working as freelance counselor
· Bram BASTING, background in the public service, retired and freelance counselor

LECTURES en DEBATS 2018-2019
· september 7, ‘Economy’, André Olijslager, former CEO of Friesland Campina. What is there to learn from his experience in reorganising en establishing a company in a sparsely populated area?
· november 2, ‘About borders and cooperating across borders’, Prof. Dr. Luk van Langenhove (Vrije Universiteit Brussel en Institute for European Studies)
· december 7, ‘Healthcare across borders’, Frank Lescrauwaet (Directeur AZ ZENO Knokke) en René Smit (directeur AZ Zorgsaam Terneuzen).
· Medio februari 2019 (date to be determined); presentation of our updated NB3 manifest!